Ggantija and ta’ Marziena.
Preservation and presentation of Gozo’s neolithic heritage
by Sara Rich
Scuba diving as Mediterranean Culture.
Preservation and presentation of Gozo’s Maritime heritage
by Sara Rich
Bottles in Suitcases, jugs on floors.
Wine, tourism, the European Union, and Cultural identity on Gozo, Malta.
by Ian Tangert
The Character of a Wall.
The changing construction of agricultural walls on the island of Gozo
by Adam Thompson
Gender and sexuality in Ethnography
by Rosely Gomes Costa 
Meanings and practices of lesbian mothering.
a singular case in the Brazilian media
by Érica Renata de Souza
Gender and work.
The narratives of the relations between workers of a transnational company in the decades of 40 and 60
by Cátia Regina Munizl
Sex equality and gender inequality
Men and women in the ecuestrain sports discourse
by Luiz Fernando
The person on-line subjectivities
Embodiment and gender identities in the Brazilian cyberspace.
by Jean Segata
Homoparenthood: political strategy and daily exercise
by Anna Paula Uziel, Cristiane Silva da Cunha, Igor Torres
Tourism and Cultural Change
an empathic understanding approach an introduction to tourism, anthropology and ethnicity
by Marc Vanlangendonck and Johan Leman
Tourism and Refugees
a Case Study of the Chechen Community in flanders
by Myriam Fierens
Host-family tourism in developing Countries
a room for Questioning the Self?
by Tobias Lancsweert
Modern identities in a traditional Society
the effect of modern development on the traditional identity of a rural island
by Laura Jarvis
Navigating the Space of language
Authorized language and Symbolic power in Gozo
by Jessica Hopper
Anybody on the horizon?
Changing the Static, Moving the unchangeable.
by Camilla Massara
Maltese Bread
a Changing Symbol of the island’s identity
by Greta Kliewer
Tourism, culture and food
Pastizzerias as a site for cultural brokerage
by Marjan Moris
“The Gozitans are happily depressed”
Narratives concerning the Gozitan Mindset; past and present.”
by Sean O’ Dubhghaill
Eating in the real Gozo
Sound, authenticity, and identity in Gozitan restaurants
by Bryce Peake
“You just have to shake them awake!”
Experiences of tourists with a disability in Malta
by Wim Peumans
Midwifery and neolithic Malta
Interpreting and Contextualizing two terracotta figurines
by Sara A. Rich
Mall as a Measure of Society
by Brian Rosenblatt
The dynamics of food and the Kalingas
An account of a people in the North Luzon Highlands, Philippines
by Robert Lawless
The Meaning of Culture-specific food
Rice and its Webs of Significance in Sri lanka
by Wim Van Daele
Food as a human right
a struggle for human dignity and food sovereignty
by Jonas Vanruesel
My particular affinity with food
Farming in a Community Supported agriculture
by Tom Troonbeeckx
Food and my environment
A personal account
by Kimberly Trathen
Time among the Kalingas
An account of a people in the North Luzon highlands, Philippines
by Robert Lawless
It will take time for time to Change
Temporal documentary of Change in Sarwar Aali
by Muhammad Aurang Zeb Mughal
Toward a theory of engagement
Development anthropology in a rural river town in Iowa, USA
by Barbara J. Dilly
Negotiating development and identity
Brokering unequal relations of power through identity politics in Ecuadorian northern highlands
by Maria Moreno
Change from Within
Engaging local Communities in achieving the Millennium development goals in Sub-Saharan Africa
by Mary Nyasimi, Joseph Okanga, Patrick Mutuo and Jessica Masira
Understanding organisational Culture in a development NGO in Nepal
applying academic theory to witnessed organisational behaviour
by Michael Schueber
Empowerment through participation?
The effectiveness of participatory approaches in clientist societies
by Roos Willems 
Maltese stone
by Damjan Hidic
Tixxowja and its motivations
‘Showing off’ amongst male Gozitan adolescents 
by Jennifer Hollstein
Defining Catholic
a study of individuals self-labeling and legitimizing
by Maxwell Weiss
Changing tides
Women, lace, and economy in Modern-day gozo
by Marlaina Martin
Dining in a globalized Gozo
by Luke Melaragno
Sitting, Socializing & drinking
Exploring foreignness
by Kristen Dara Kaefer
African Irregular Migrants in Malta
Exploring Perceptions and Renegotiating the Socio-Cultural Siege of Malta
by Hannah E. Durick
Tattooing and identity in Gozo
by Samantha Hoeper
Buried in Malta
A glance at history and tradition
by Samantha Lorenz
Becoming heritage Malta
An ethnographic Study of Cultural Identity and tourism in the Museums and heritage Sites of Gozo
by Arianna Murphy
Maltese dialects: the effects of globalization and Changing
Attitudes on Malta’s linguistic diversity
by Natalie Pascale
But, i’m not Catholic
Religion and identity on the Island of Gozo
by Daniel J. Rosen
Festa Horse Racing
A reflection of gender roles, secularization and tourism on the island of Gozo
by Lillian Zuengler
"if you can’t go through the door, you go through the window"
Three Gozitan Women, their Passions, and Creativity
by Francesca Vaghi
Play, Boundaries, and Creative Thinking
A Ludic Perspective
by Graham Johnston
Experience Language, Understanding Culture
Expatriate Adjustment on Mainland Malta
by Anita Vukovic
Finding Balance
An ethnographical approach on how Band Club youth on Gozo perceives Development
by Jamila M. Jacob
Bocci u Brilli
A Few Notes on Throwing Balls
by Philip Kao
'Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink'
The lived experience of scarce water and its social meaning in Gozo, Malta
by Irma Allen
Sharing Turkish tastes in Ghent:
Aesthetic narratives of food, migration and memory
by Saliha Özdemir
Globalization Processes
an introductory selection of Omertaa Articles
by Kim Tondeur
When God Pulls Your Card:
Fate and Risk Taking Behavior in Malta
by Jerika L. Heinze
“Lace as the Bread of the People”:
Gender and Power through Craft Revitalization in Malta and Gozo
by Angelina Camilleri
Graphic Anthropology Field School 
Report of a First Edition
by Kim Tondeur
Time to Push
An Ethnographic Study of Reactions to Socially Unsanctioned Pregnancies in Gozo, Malta
by Stephanie Chung
Chatting While Waterskiing
Drawing as an Ethnographic Method
by Erika Hoffman Dilloway
Selling Flavor, Selling Fable
The Commodification of Traditional Identity on the Island of Gozo
by Hannah Howard
Perspectives in Honeybee Production:
A Gozo Case Study
by Jacob Jansen
Le Boom Graphique en Anthropologie.
Histoire, actualités et chantiers futurs du dessin dans la discipline anthropologique.
by Kim Tondeur
Travelling Through Liminal Non-places:
Gozitan Buses as a Non-Place for Socializing
by Jane Davies
"Everyone knows everyone here”:
Coming out experiences and fluctuating resilience
of LGBTQI+ youth in Gozo, Malta.
by Taillte Cooney-Newton
Towards sustainable water use in the tourism sector
Water use and management in the tourist
accommodation sector of Gozo, Malta
by Lara Speijer
‘The door is open to everyone’:
The public libraries of Gozo
by Verity Limond

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